Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lima Peru

We've had 2 days sight seeing, and eating and drinking some wonderful fusion food. Lima lives up to it's reputation as a gourmet food destination.
We had been going to dinner in smaller groups - our group to a restaurant at an archaeological site.
Rob went to dinner with his Lima relatives. When we came back to our hotel late, Rob had a terrible accident. He tripped on the stairs, the balustrade broke, and he fell almost 2 stories onto the concrete below.
He was unconscious, then concussed. He was taken to hospital in an ambulance, and a brain CT has revealed a small skull fracture, and tiny bleed. Over the course of the night he is doing better and better. The neurosurgeon is happy so far.
He is one very lucky man.
We will miss him on the next trek, but he is lucky enough to have relatives in Lima who are doing a mighty job.
Late yesterday we also found out he had broken his pelvis.

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