Monday, 16 July 2012

Largo Churrup

We did a day walk to Largo Churrup 4400mts. It was a tough climb from 3800 mts. Looking down it sure looked more than a 600 mt climb, but I guess the GPS doesn't lie.
We did better than some of the trekkers we saw, but not as well as others - all together we are great for our age (60 to 76).
This was to re-acclimatize after 3 days at sea level, and get ready for the mammoth 12 day trek to Huayhuash starting tomorrow. In Huayhuash we sleep at 4300 - 4500 mts, and climb passes over 5000mts. I think we are all doing fairly well with the altitude. During the day the walking is very slow but ok. Some are coping better than others sleeping - we all wake up gasping for breath at times.
Here are some pictures of the Churrup trek.
No more updates now until after Huayhuash.

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