Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Largo Titicaca & Isla del Sol.

The others have returned home, or are doing other travels in South America. So David and I decided to take the long trip from Cusco on the overnight bus to Bolivia - which was actually a reasonable trip. The sleeping seats recline well, and are much better than an economy class flight seat.
Arrived at the border, completed formalities on the Peruvian side, walked through "no mans land" to Bolivia and did the same there. Jumped on a micro bus to take us the 15 mins to Copocabana. That was squishy fun sharing a 12 seater bus with 22 locals! No seat belts - naturally.
Spent a few hours in Copacabana before we could catch the early afternoon public "ferry" to the Isla del Sol. It's a small boat packed with passengers, and goods, no life jackets and the captain was very laid back steering the outboard motor with his feet. The crossing took one and a half hours.
The island is beautiful. The lake is a sparkling blue jewel surrounding it - deep clear water. Our accommodation had a stunning view because it was located at the very top of the community of Yunami.
There are a number of Inka ruins on the island. No cars, you have to walk every where, or hire a donkey. The island is very small - about 12 km in length.
One day we took the boat across to the Isla de La Luna.
Both of these islands are important in Inka legend and history because it is where the Inkas believed their culture was born.
We saw a number of single hull, and double hulled, traditional reed boats. These days they recycle plastic drink bottles to make the form, then cover it with the reeds. This also reduces the impact of harvesting the reed beds.
Many of the homes, including our hotel, have reed ceilings - which must be quite insulative I would think.
We have returned to Cusco and go home the day after tomorrow. What a great time, and wonderful adventures we have had.
I'll miss this continent - we intend to keep returning. Can't let our improving Spanish go to waste, particularly David who is quite fluent now, and has an enormous vocabulary.
Michelle and David.

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