Saturday, 18 August 2012

It seems an age since my last post and so much has happened since Araquipa. Travelled by bus to Chivay followed by a day trip to Colca Canyon which was incredible. The condors performed for us, at one stage there were ten of them soaring on thermals just above us, it was almost as though we could touch them. On the way back to Chivay we asked to be dropped at a nearby village where we wandered around, ending up at a suspension bridge over a steep part of the canyon which gave an idea of the steepness in some parts. Travelled back to Civay by ´´collectivo´´ for a couple of soles, that was interesting.
From Chivay to Puno where we spent a day on Lake Titicaca visiting floating islands and the island of Taquile were some sort of festivity was in progress. Dancing in the plaza followed by beer, then more dancing and more beer.I can only imagine what the dancing was like later in the day.
Puno to Cusco by bus then a day in the Sacred Valley which was taster for Machu Picchu.
After a free day Cusco we left for the Salkantay trek. 12 of us altogether Sandy and me and 10 others in their twenties. Needless to say we very soon realised we could not keep up with them as they raced ahead on the first day which was 18 km on rough roads. Funny, the next day the young ones told that ours was a good pace so decided to follow until the could see the pass at 4600m then raced ahead. That was a long day 22km with 4 hours up to the pass and 6 down to the camp. The views were magnificent and it was well worth it especially when we reached Aguas C then Machu Picchu.
We have just returned from Manu NP were we had a terrific time. The wildlife was so prolific and interesting. The lodges were very basic but comfortable, right beside the river. Had to leave our comfort zone with some rafting through the rapids and them ´´zip lining´´ through the tree tops followed by rapelling back to earth. Sandy was looking for the staircase down but was out of luck.
Off to Iguaso Falls tomorrow.

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