Sunday, 24 June 2012

Galapagos Islands

The islands are everything you imagine, and more. Their reputation is deserved. It is excellent to see the tight management of the archipelago.
Stunning wildlife - many species of birds (pelicans, petrels, blue/red footed boobies, Darwins finches, hawks, gulls, mockingbirds to name a few, giant tortoises on land, marine turtles to snorkel with, land and marine iguanas, playful sea lions, manta rays and sting rays, brightly coloured fish, and dolphins.
The wildlife has no fear of humans. The 2 metre distance rule between humans and wildlife is often broken by curious wildlife, not by humans. We enjoyed walking and swimming amongst the wildlife at least twice daily.
The Humbolt and other currents bring rich food sources for whales and marine life.
The volcanoes, interesting lava formations, geology, plant species, cacti and flowers always intrigued. The movement of magma close to the surface, and the shifting of the continental plates means changes of landscapes can happen in days.
Our boat (Guantanamera) travelled by night for many hours, then we woke to a new adventure each day.
We criss crossed the equator 4 times and watched the GPS tick over to latitude 0' 00' 00".
Our guide Jorge was fantastic, and a born and bred Galapageno. He was knowledgeable and gave many small lectures each day. The captain and crew could not have done a better job, and the cook was amazing - feeding 16 people a wonderful variety of dishes daily from a tiny galley.
This is a must do destination, a real David Attenborough experience.

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